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    Criminal Defense, Traffic Attorney, OVI - DUI Lawyer In Cincinnati

    I am Attorney Roger Bouchard, and I am here to provide personalized assistance for your pending criminal or traffic charges. When you call my primary goal is to thoroughly understand your situation and explore possibilities to have your charges dismissed or reduced. With over 21 years of experience, including my previous role as a Magistrate in Hamilton County, I have a proven track record of achieving successful results for my clients. Additionally, having a brother who serves as a Judge grants me unique insights into the most effective strategies for handling and defending your case.

    When you choose my services, you become a part of our legal family. I am dedicated to addressing all of your questions and concerns with exceptional care and attention. Throughout the years, I have developed strong connections and familiarity with judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers, which greatly benefits your case.

    Please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email, call, or text, as I am available 24/7. The initial consultation is free, and I will provide you with a clear understanding of the obstacles, timelines, and potential penalties you may face. As an experienced attorney with unlimited resources, I am fully committed to delivering the highest level of service.

    You deserve a legal counselor who prioritizes your needs above all else. If you are unable to come to my office due to license suspension or other circumstances, I am more than willing to meet you wherever is most convenient.

    Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH

    What My Clients Have To Say...

    S. A.
    Justia Review

    "I recently used Roger Bouchard Esq. for a personal matter. He was extremely thorough and patient throughout the entire process. Mr. Bouchard possesses a vast knowledge and his expertise is unmatched. I was kept informed...

    Nathan Schwartz
    Google Review

    "Very calming and helpful in the stressful situations I’ve been dealing with got a pretty serious charge dismissed, will be using mr Roger for all my future legal needs and assistance, thanks Roger"

    G. Godwin
    Google Review

    "Absolutely outstanding lawyer! Roger helped me get everything I needed in order and I wouldn't choose anyone else. Highly recommend! Best in Cincinnati!"

    Christopher P. Smith
    Google Review

    "Roger is a wonderful attorney over a variety of areas. His vast experience allows him to provide you the best representation. Always diligent and willing to listen, I can not recommend him more."

    Avvo Client's Choice

    "Roger goes above and beyond his duty as a lawyer. From the very start, he exceeded all the expectations I had surrounding my legal issue. He responds in a timely and professional manner and is...

    William Raschke
    Google Review

    "Roger is an amazing lawyer and worked hard to help me with my situation and got everything dismissed."

    Avvo Review

    "Roger, is an amazing lawyer and worked diligently to help get me out of the law matter I was facing. I would would most definitely recommend him if your facing some legal issues and need...

    Meri Frederick
    Google Review

    "I can't say enough good things about Roger and his representation during a felony legal matter. His negotiation skills are the best I have seen in Warren County and his compassion for his clients is...

    Thusivan Thusi
    Google Review

    "Roger is absolutely a God send. He helped me get my life back on track. He is very confident in his abilities therefore he had me feeling confident in my case. I recommend him to...

    Eloisa Cook
    Google Review

    "Roger Bouchard represented the Drinkery for a liquor violation . Roger was instrumental in a reduction in three violations to a minor fine. He was extremely professional and organized. I highly recommend Bouchard Law services."

    Elaine D. Swayze
    Google Review

    "Awesome!!! He totally handled my situation with significant care. He was there from the first phone call until the day I went to court. He had answers to all the the questions I had. I...

    Avvo Review

    "I called Roger at last minute and he makes you feel like you’ve known him for years, whilst making you feel completely comfortable that he is going to fight to protect his client. I highly...

    Avvo Client's Choice

    "Awesome Attorney! Very straight forward and honest!! Let's you know up front what could happen and what would happen!! I honestly would recommend him to others! Thanks again Mr. Bouchard!!"

    Avvo Client's Choice

    "Prompt replies, affordable, very professional. I’m glad I was referred to him for my traffic violation, he truly got me the best outcome possible. 10/10 recommend."

    Grateful Client – DN
    Avvo Client's Choice

    "Roger was instrumental in helping navigate several legal matters for me over the last decade. Without his professionalism and court room savvy I would’ve incurred countless expenses and incalculable negative ramifications. His services, as well...

    Criminal Defense - OVI | DUI - Traffic

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What makes your Cincinnati, OH law practice stand out?

    With over 21 years experience in a wide range of legal areas, I am proud to be a trusted attorney serving clients in Cincinnati, OH and beyond. My clients also benefit from the connections I have within our judicial system, especially that of having a brother as a local Judge.  My passion for aggressive DUI – OVI, criminal defense, and traffic law sets me apart, as I am dedicated to fighting for your rights and securing the best possible outcome for your case. My sense of family encompasses my clients and I truly care about the struggles they’ve been through. I am grateful for the opportunity to play a pivotal role in helping you out of your legal mess and onward towards a fresh start. 

    Q. What areas of law do you specialize in, and what challenges can you handle?

    I specialize in providing aggressive defense in OVI and criminal cases, but that’s not all! I am also well-versed in handling a wide range of legal matters, including traffic offenses, juvenile cases, and expungements. No matter the challenge you face, I’m ready to tackle it head-on with enthusiasm and determination.

    Q. What can I expect when I entrust my case into your hands?

    When you choose me as your criminal defense attorney, you can expect personalized attention, unwavering dedication, and a robust defense tailored to your specific needs. I’ll guide you through the legal process, providing updates and transparent communication every step of the way. Together, we’ll embark on an exciting journey towards a favorable resolution.

    Q. How can I benefit from your free initial consultation?

    I offer a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your unique situation. During this time, we’ll delve into the details of your case, explore potential strategies, and outline the options available to you. It’s an exciting opportunity for us to collaborate and lay the groundwork for a successful defense. You’ll also find yourself in a position of feeling much greater confidence because I will have cleared any burning questions or concerns you may have.

    Q. How do you keep up with the latest developments and laws regarding DUI - OVI cases?

    As a dedicated DUI – OVI defense attorney, I understand the importance of staying up to date with the ever-evolving landscape of DUI – OVI laws in Ohio. I actively participate in continuing legal education programs, attend relevant seminars, and closely monitor changes in legislation and precedents. This ensures that my defense strategies are built on the most current and effective strategies. Be assured that I am equipped with the knowledge and insights necessary to provide you with top level representation in your DUI – OVI case in Cincinnati, OH.

    Q. How do I get in touch with you, and how soon can we start?

    I’m just a phone call, text, or email away! Reach out to me at your convenience, and let’s get started on your case right away. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or express any concerns you may have—I’m here to support you every step of the way!

    Q. Are payment plans available for your legal services?

    I understand that finances can be a concern, which is why I offer flexible payment plans designed to fit your budget. Quality legal representation should be accessible to everyone, and I’m committed to finding a solution that works for you.

    Q. How do you ensure confidentiality and protect my privacy?

    Know that your confidentiality is my utmost priority. I maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, ensuring that your personal information remains secure and private throughout our collaboration.

    Q. Can you guarantee a positive outcome for my case?

    While I can’t make guarantees, I can promise that I will employ my extensive experience, expertise, and tenacity to pursue the most favorable outcome for you. With a robust defense strategy and unwavering dedication, we’ll work together towards the best possible resolution.

    Q. How do you approach DUI - OVI cases, and what makes your defense strategies effective?

    When it comes to DUI – OVI cases, I employ a comprehensive and strategic approach. I thoroughly analyze the evidence, scrutinize the arrest procedures, and challenge any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. My extensive knowledge of DUI laws, combined with my experience in the courtroom, allows me to develop robust defense strategies tailored to your specific circumstances. With a focus on protecting your rights and minimizing the potential consequences, I strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your DUI case. Trust in my proven track record of success and relentless advocacy in DUI defense.

    How can a lawyer help me with a traffic ticket in Cincinnati?

    Challenging a traffic ticket or violation can be complex, and the outcome can have consequences such as fines, points on your driving record, increased insurance rates, or even license suspension. Hiring an experienced lawyer greatly increases your chances of successfully challenging the ticket and achieving a more favorable resolution.

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